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 Seasonal Garden Adventures

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Jan.           :Pruning Classes/ Nursery Abundance/ Wild Mustard Bloom
Feb.           :Nursery Open/ Wild Mustard Bloom/ Planting
March       :Wild Mustard Bloom/ Iris Bloom Begins/ Early Roses in Bloom
April          : 220 Irises Blooming, Rose Crescendo, Rose Allee
May           : Peak Rose Bloom/ Perfume Fields Bloom & Rose Oil Harvest
June/July : Garden Repose/ Rose Water Sampling/ Wandering/ Relaxing
August       : Iris Classes/ Hummingbird & Butterfly Visits/ Fall Bloom Begins
September :Hummingbird & Butterfly Gardens/ Fall Rose Bloom/ Nursery Open
October     : Fall Peak Bloom/ Fall Colors/ Planting Plans
Nov./Dec. :Rose Water & Perfume Release/ Rose Hips/ Fall Colors

Walking the Rose Allee
Garden Chateau

Nursery and Garden
Open by Appointment
Tuesday through Saturday
Appointment times of 10, 11, 1 or 2
Call (707) 433-7455

Nursery Visits  Garden Features  Garden Visits & Tours  Perfume Rose Harvest

1. Nursery Visits

Our Nursery is filled with 100's of gorgeous roses, irises, and perennials for birds, bees and butterflies.  Let us help you create your own Garden Glory!
CLICK HERE --> for Rose, Iris & Perennial Availablity Lists

Nursery with Many Plant Selections
Happy Buyer

2. Garden Visits & Tours
Chateau de la Rose
8 Arch Rose Allee
Perfume Rose Fields

$10 Per Person *
By Appointment ONLY
Tues. thru Sat.
10:00, 11:00, 1:00 and 2:00
Call  (707) 433-7455  for  reservations

Visits Include:
- Guided introduction to garden/ Seasonal 'High-lights'
- Self-Guided tour map full of rose information
- Complimentary souvenir 5X7 art postcard
- Entrance to Nursery with many gardening
   informational handouts
- View of our historic copper rose oil
   extraction equipment
- Sampling of Estate produced rose
   water & perfume & our delicious  rose water sorbet
- Gift Shop temptations

* 10 person per tour maximim/ children 2 and under free

3.  Perfume Rose Harvest
(First 3 weeks of May)

Visit California's  ONLY  Perfume Rose Fields

     Immerse yourself in the scent of hundreds of specially selected roses from Bulgaria, France and Persia. Planted, en masse, for the production of rose water and rose oil.

    Estate grown Rose Water & Perfume available as well as fragrant roses and irises in the nursery.  

     Get a glimps of the fields and the distillation process in the video that was produced by John Bartell of ABC 10 News ! ! !


FOR MORE INFO on Our Perfume Roses & Rose Oil/Water Production

4. Garden Features
Visit Our Gorgeous Garden in Full Bloom.    
        Roam among the garden collection of 650
             varieties of roses  and 200 kinds of irises.
       Wander down the 'Rose Allee', a series of 8
             12ft by 12ft arches, billowing with climbing roses.
        Visit the 'Butterfly Garden', the 'Hummingbird Wall',
              the 'Hollywood and Vine' Roses, and so much MORE.

garden visiters during bloom arcs of rose blooms

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Photos courtesy of Mikala Kennan.