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"Peak Bloom
            Perfume Rose Oil Harvest Demos"

May 4th & 5th  Saturday & Sunday.
Nursery & Garden Open 10-5   $2 Donation. No reservations req'd

Demonstrations throughout the day, starting at 10 am.

bags of perfume roses
Baskets of Roses
Perfume Roses in the Wine Country
Roses and the Still

Come visit California's ONLY Perfume Rose fields
In Full Bloom!

EXPERIENCE an authentic, behind the scenes peek at the ancient process of rose water and rose oil extraction.

      See the overflowing baskets of rose
          petals picked that day from our French,
          Persian and Bulgarian Rose Fields,
      Help stuff the petals into the antique
           copper STILLS,
      Delight in the scent-ual steam-wafting
           all around you,
      Sample the rose infused water as it
            is released from the petals, and
      Taste our yummy Rose Water Sorbet

Staff will be on hand to explain the process and why only a hand full of roses are good enough for rose oil production.  You can also see the fields the roses are harvested from.

VISIT Our Gorgeous Gardens in Full Bloom.
        Roam among the garden collection of 650 varieties of roses
              and 200 kinds of irises.
       Wander down the 'Rose Allee', a series of 8 12ft by 12ft arches,
              billowing with climbing roses.
        Visit the 'Seven Dwarves' collection, the 'Hummingbird Wall',
              the 'Hollywood and Vine' Roses, and so much MORE.

garden visiters during bloom arcs of rose blooms

NURSERY OPEN 10-5 & filled with fragrant roses, irises & perennials. 

Immerse Yourself  in the Glory of Spring!

Photos courtesy of Mikala Kennan.