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Events in Our Garden

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April-May 2018 Garden events- open by appointment Click the months (above) to see more detail on our great events and educational workshops. We are open every Saturday and Sunday in April and May, 10-5.

 2018 events table

May 2018-- Perfume Rose Harvest Tours (NOTE: 2018 dates not yet set)  Read about our perfume rose harvest tours. If you'd like us to contact you when the tour dates are scheduled, please email us.

  August - November 2018  -- The garden returns with a flourish in the Autumn months.  Learn how to plant and care for your irises and attract Butterflies and Birds to your garden.  Look for events with hot tea, rose hips, music and Fall color.

Join us for out Fragrance Festival and the Launch of our 2018 Rose Water and "Rose Embrace" perfume.  

REMEMBER Fall is the best time to plant Roses!!

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Photos courtesy of Mikala Kennan.