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April - Seasonal Garden Adventures

             (What to see when you visit- listed below)

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APRIL 2022

Please observe current COVID recommendations.

Nursery Visits

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Sections below feature APRIL highlights:

Garden Visits & Tours
Irises of Spring
Fragrant Roses & Irises to Fill Your Senses
1 Day Oil Harvesting/Distillation Showing
Our Nursery


1. Garden Visits & Tours

Chateau de la Rose
8 Arch Rose Allee
Perfume Rose Fields

$10 Per Person *
By Appointment ONLY
Tues. thru Sat.
10:00, 11:00, 1:00 and 2:00
Call  (707) 433-7455  for  reservations

Visits Include:
- Guided introduction to garden/ Seasonal 'High-lights'
- Self-Guided tour map full of rose information
- Complimentary souvenir 5X7 art postcard
- Sampling of Estate produced rose water & perfume
- Entrance to Nursery with many gardening informational handouts
- Gift Shop temptations

* 6 person per tour maximim/ children 3 and under free

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   2. "Glorious Irises of Spring -     
           The Garden Awakens!" 

                The First 3 Weeks of April

    The first weeks of April finds the irises a-blooming. The 250 varieties of irises in our collection don't bloom all at the same time. There are early and late bloomers --- also repeat bloomers that display later in the year. Visit several times in April, and catch the different waves of bloom, with their colors, petal shapes and "scent".  A rare, early spring, dazzling display!

      Enjoy these gorgeous beauties in full splendor, many of them world-class award winners,  planted throughout the 650 roses in our garden.  Drought tolerant and easy to grow,  Jan calls them "Orchids You Can Walk On".

    And, the beauty continues to unfold as our early blooming roses take center stage. Enjoy the huge 'Lady Banks' rose from 1820, the rare mystery rose 'Hearts Desire Pink' and the sublime Souv. de Mme Leonie Viennot from 1898 spilling over a 12' x 12' arch.   Ah, the Glory Begins!

     100's of irises & roses for sale in nursery.

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     3. "Fragrant Roses & Irises
                  to Fill Your Senses"

                        Last 2 Weeks of April

     Enjoy the last weeks of iris bloom AND the unfolding of the roses. See and smell the especially fragrant roses in our display garden of over 650 varieties.  Many of our antique Damask, Gallica and Bourbon roses will be perfuming the air.

Visit California's  ONLY  Perfume Rose Fields-  

     Immerse yourself in the scent of hundreds of specially selected roses from Bulgaria, France and Persia. Planted, in masse, for the production of rose water and rose oil.

    Estate grown Rose Water & Perfume available as well as fragrant roses and irises in the nursery.  

     Also, enjoy our secret garden treasures: "the Purple Playground", the "Humming Bird Wall", "Hollywood and Vine", "Kitchen Garden" and see California's ONLY Perfume Rose Fields --- in Full Bloom!.

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4.  "1 DAY ONLY Peak Bloom Perfume
                Rose Oil Harvest Showing"

April 30th  2022  Saturday.
Nursery & Garden Available 10, 11, 1 & 2 by appointment (Call 707 433-7455).   $10 Fee. Limited group size. Showings of distillations for the day while harvested roses last.

bags of perfume roses
Baskets of Roses
Perfume Roses in the Wine Country
Roses and the Still

Come visit California's ONLY Perfume Rose fields
In Full Bloom!

EXPERIENCE an authentic, behind the scenes peek at the ancient process of rose water and rose oil extraction.

      See the overflowing baskets of rose
        petals picked that day from our French,
          Persian and Bulgarian Rose Fields,
      Help stuff the petals into the antique
           copper STILLS,
      Delight in the scent-ual steam-wafting
           all around you,
      Sample the rose infused water as it
            is released from the petals,

Staff will be on hand to explain the process and why only a hand full of roses are good enough for rose oil production.  You can also see the fields the roses are harvested from.

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5.   Our Nursery will be open and filled with gorgeous roses,
irises, and perennials for birds, bees and butterflies. Make your appointment to tour or purchase plants.

Nursery with Many Plant Selections
Happy Buyer

Photos courtesy of Mikala Kennan.