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Covid 19 precautions during your visit."

October 2020

"Rose Display Garden"

    Rose Display Garden with 650 varieties of roses gushing forth in their glorious Fall Re-bloom.

Personal Garden Tours - $10 per person,
     Map included.

Nursery Entry - NO Charge.

"Rose Nursery"

    Our nursery specializes in roses that do well here in Northern California wine country (our roses grow alongside grapevines) in the same wonderful climate that produces the best wine in the world! We offer many roses that can tolerate sites with less than full sun. We also offer limited 'rare' and 'collector' roses.

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"Butterfly Garden"

     Butterfly Garden . Butterflies and Hummingbirds greet you as you Wander the garden, Sit on our new ‘Butterfly Bench’ or Enjoy the ‘Hummingbird Wall’.

"Rose Water and Perfume"

    Our wonderfully fragrant, estate produced rose water and rose oil
Estate Made
Rose Water
Perfume made from Pure Rose Oil
perfume will be available for sampling and purchase.
    We use the same ancient distillation process to capture rose oil from 4 select rose cultivars harvested over 5 weeks in the peak early spring time.   The rose water as a co-product of collecting the pure oil from steaming of rose petals.  Available for sale at the ranch or our

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