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What we offer

From a recent visitor...

You have a wonderful part of the world, with the roses and grapes, the wonderful soil and the wind -- I am just so pleased that you shared it with us.

-Doug, Santa Rosa Junior College, CA

PERFUME ROSE HARVEST TOURS, complete with a full demonstration of a rose distillation to rose water and rose oil.

NURSERY with a large and sumptuous selection of exquisite roses, available April thru May plus a few special events in Fall.

DISPLAY GARDENS connected by our Rose AlleƩ of 8 arches displaying 600+ rose varieties for you to visit and enjoy. Garden tours available on special request.

SPECIAL EVENTS and rose related services.

Open Hours
Our lovely display garden and nursery are open during the SPRING April through May on every Saturday and as well as every SUNDAY from 10 am to 5 pm. During the FALL we are open some Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in September and/or October.

no dogs nor picnics For either season, please check the Events Calender for those open Sundays/Saturdays or you may also call (707) 433-7455 for a special appointment.

Our nursery is about 90 miles north of San Francisco (12 miles north of Santa Rosa) and is very close to Healdsburg in the heart of the Sonoma County Wine Country!

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Who we are

We, of the Russian River Rose Company, greet you and hope to share our love of roses -- with all of you around the world. Our family run nursery got its start in 1990 when our chief collector, took a cutting of an old rose that had escaped civilization and now covers the coastal headlands surrounding the village of Mendocino, California.

Our nursery and display garden are located in Healdsburg, California, which is about 70 miles north of San Francisco.


Our collection

Our collection includes over 600+ varieties -- ranging from ancient roses to recent introductions; native species to highly hybridized ones; GIANT shed-eating climbers to micro-minis, and many 'found' roses.

We specialize in roses that do well here in Northern California wine country (our roses grow alongside grapevines) in the same wonderful climate that produces the best wine in the world! We offer many roses that can tolerate sites with less than full sun. We also offer limited 'rare' and 'collector' roses.

The availability of all our roses greatly varies due to supply and season, and inquiry is highly advised.


Special tours

Special "guided" tours of our display garden can be arranged for medium to large groups by prior appointment during April through May when the garden is at its most glorious!

There is a $4.50 per person fee, this helps maintain the gardens. Call for information at (707) 433-7455 or preferably Email Us!

For our wonderful Perfume Rose Harvest Tours, please click on the "Perfume Rose Harvest Tour" option in the main menu for all information.


Special events & garden consultations

We also have other special events during spring and fall so please refer to our Events Calender for upcoming doings. For information Email Us!

Don't know how to prune that climbing rose or simply don't have the time? We can help. Creating a garden and can't quite picture what rose to plant? We can help. Call (707) 433-7455 or Email Us for special appointments and rate schedule, etc.


Photos courtesy of Mikala Kennan.