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Our Display Garden and Nursery are OPEN EVERY WEEKEND in April and May from 10-5, with one Specially themed presentation on Mother's Day:



"Open Garden Weekend"
May 6th & 7th  Sat./Sunday  
Open from 10-5

Visit our gorgeous  Garden amongst the surrounding vinyards & Our Plant/Rose Nursery


"A Prelude to Mother's Day"
May 12th  Saturday.
Garden & Nursery Open from 10-5    $2 Donation

We welcome you and your family to enjoy the sights and fragrances of our garden, at full bloom, on the eve of Mother's Day. So much to see and enjoy!

Visit our nursery and perhaps select a rose-y gift for Mom- A gorgeous rose she'll treasure year-round, rose water or Gift Certificate for future ?

Garden and NURSERY OPEN 10-5. 

"Mothers Day Open Garden"
May 13th  Sunday
Garden & Nursery
from 10-5 Family-Portrait-May-10

Enjoy this special day in honor of our wonderful Mothers. Wander through the rose garden AT FULL BLOOM!  Many families have made a Mother's Day visit to our garden a family tradition.   Allow yourselves this day to really "Smell the Roses"!

Maybe even select a r0se plant for Mom to take home! 

Experience the beauty and fragrance of the once-blooming antique roses and stroll down the Rose Allee with huge rambling roses billowing down from 12'X12' arches.

Complimentary Self-Guided Garden Tour Maps.
A modest $2 fee is appreciated.

All Mothers will receive a special something...

Enjoy our special freatures: the 'Butterfly Garden',  the 'Rose History Trail' and  the fragrant Perfume Rose Fields. 

Nursery open and brimming with roses and hummingbird/butterfly attracting annuals & perennials.

Unique gift shop many items & our ultra-fragrant, estate produced Rose Water available.  The Rose water comes in a gift bag with 14 recipes and a blub about its unique origins.

"Stop and Smell the Roses"
April 19 & 20   Garden & Nursery open 10-5.

Special Tours & Talks at 10am and 2pm.  $2 donation.

See and smell the especially fragrant roses in our display garden of over 650 varities. Many of our antique Damask, Gallica and Bourbon roses will be perfuming the air, andthe irises continue gorgous and fragrant bloom.  Relax on the Sweet Scent Seat, a cedar bench surrouned by perfumy roses, scented annuals and perennials.  Many of our antiquue Damask and Bourbon roses will be perfuming the air, and the irises will continue their gorgeous and fragrant display. Relax on the sweet scent seat, a cedar bench surrounded by perfumey roses, scented annuals and perrenials.


Visit California's only Perfume Rose Fields-  

there are hHundreds of roses planted, from Bulgaria, France and Persia, harvested for the production of rose water and oil.  Sample: Estate made rose water, Perfume and rose water sorbet.   Estate grown Rose Water & Perfume available as well as fragrant roses and irises in the nursery.     Display Garden open 10-5 pm.

"Tea and memories in the Rose Garden"
Memorial Day Weekend

May 26, 27, & 28  Sat/Sun/Monday  

$4 Donation includes Tea.  All days open 10-5

 Sip a cup of organic tea as you enjoy the scents and sights of our beautiful Rose Display Garden, with its collection of 650 varieties of antique and modern roses, surrounded by the beautiful vineyards of Dry Creek Valley.  Tables and chairs will be set out throughout the garden, so you may 'sit and sip' while watching butterflies and Hummingbirds flit and hum around you.

MEMORIES TREE    Place a personal message on our 'MEMORIAL WISHING TREE'  in memory of a friend or loved one, or simply offer a positive thought or hope for yourself or the world.  The tree will slowly fill with these beautiful fluttering messages, welcoming the memory of family and friends to share the garden with us on this special day of remembrance.  Absolutely Lovely! Enjoy the 'Butterfly Garden', the fragrant 'Sweet Scent Seat', and the 'Rose History Trail'.

Huge discounts --- see details below.  Our Nursery will be open and brimming with roses, and hummingbird and butterfly attracting plants. Buss cautions Estate-produced Rose Water and Rose Oil Perfume will also be available.

$4.00 DONATION appreciated.  Nursery and Garden Open 10-5.

Buss cautions

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Photos courtesy of Mikala Kennan.